Chronicles and video capsules

Learn the Ayurvedic lifestyle and its health benefits.

Discover inspiring tips for taking care of yourself naturally, reconnecting with nature and your own nature and finding balance in your heart, body & mind.

L’agriculture bio, de la terre à notre assiette

Organic farming, from the land to our plate

Does taking care of the earth appeal to you? C...

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L’équilibre tête-coeur-corps-esprit vu par l’Ayurveda : le dosha Pitta

Head-heart-body-spirit balance seen by Ayurveda: the Pitta dosha

Do you know what the effects of an overaccumulation of the Fire element are on the head-heart-body-spirit balance? What happens when the fire burns too hot? Aggression, eczema, heartburn are...
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Plantes et épices pour stimuler notre vitalité

Plants and spices to stimulate our vitality

The digestive fire contributes greatly to well-being, health and vitality. In this Health capsule! La Vie!, Krystine St-Laurent presents plants and spices that stimulate digestion. Discover the health and vitality...
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Plantes et rituels pour rafraîchir Pitta

Plants and rituals to refresh Pitta

Discover the 11 plants and spices as well as the well-being rituals that Krystine St-Laurent offers to refresh Pitta when he is out of balance. Thanks to our co-host, France...
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Rituel d'élimination pour cultiver sa vitalité

Elimination ritual to cultivate your vitality

Did you know that breathing is a simple way to facilitate the elimination of what no longer serves us? Many simple elimination rituals to integrate into daily life can help...
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Consommer une nourriture vivante

Consume live food

Bringing the garden back into our pantry is a great way to cultivate health and vitality. Making conscious food choices allows you to eat in a more nutritious way and...
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Le monde de la nature et des plantes médicinales

The world of nature and medicinal plants

We are lucky to come into contact with medicinal plants and their million years of evolution... They are part of our history, nourish us, heal us, soothe us. In this...
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Soupe d’été pour apaiser Pitta

Summer soup to soothe Pitta

Our chef offers you a summer soup, prepared with seasonal ingredients to soothe the fire (Pitta dosha ). In this capsule, Krystine presents summer fruits and vegetables to favor during...
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Soupe aux petits fruits au chocolat

Chocolate berry soup

Our chef, Patrick Desautels, was challenged in this capsule to create a refreshing summer recipe and he succeeded! He offers us a delicious berry soup. Recipe for coping with stress...
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Le précieux savoir des Augustines

The precious knowledge of the Augustines

The Augustines, who arrived in Quebec in 1639, already knew that it is as important to care for the body as the soul. These apothecaries had the mission of treating...
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Jus de légumes verts

Green vegetable juice

In this capsule, Krystine St-Laurent and our chef, Patrick Desautels, present a simple way to prepare a green vegetable juice: vitamins, minerals and an absolutely delicious taste! Introduction [0:45] Juice...
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Cuisiner la betterave pour rafraîchir Pitta

Cooking Beetroot to Refresh Pitta

In this capsule, Krystine and our chef Patrick Desautels show us how to cook beetroot differently to preserve its nutritional values ​​while highlighting its taste and flavors. Find out how...
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