We are lucky to come into contact with medicinal plants and their million years of evolution... They are part of our history, nourish us, heal us, soothe us. In this capsule, Krystine St-Laurent introduces you to the world of medicinal plants and their history, from the pharaohs to our grandmothers and modern pharmaceuticals.

  • Introduction [0:50]
  • We are nature [2:25]
  • Herbal medicine [3:00]
  • Rebalancing [3:40]
  • Plants in history [4:05]
  • Why we distanced ourselves from plants [4:30]
  • Plants in pharmaceuticals [5:00]
  • Grandma's herbal remedy [7:10]
  • History of the Augustines [8:40]

Thanks to our co-host, François Lemay .

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