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Our history

Created in 2009 by Krystine St Laurent, the INSPIRATA brand was born from a desire to return to the authenticity of nature, the abundance of its gardens, and the desire to discover ancestral wisdom adapted with native plants Western.

INSPIRATA products are the result of a link between Ayurveda and Western herbalism, coupled with more than 30 years of experience of our founder in the world of (contemporary) health and that of well-being. in nature.

Medicinal gardens with multiple plants coming either from our gardens or those of experienced herbalists (lemon balm, alchemilla, verbena, rosemary, juniper, rosebuds, calendula, eucalyptus, borage, thyme (and more) combined with mixtures of vegetable oils and essential, our products are unique in North America.

Love and respect for the rhythm of nature guided the creation of the different recipes which took more than 4 years to develop by our founder. In addition, a unique slow extraction process allows us to collect all the benefits of the plants macerating for weeks in our oils, which makes it possible to say without embarrassment that oiling yourself with INSPIRATA oils is literally taking a herbal tea by hand. skin!

The soothing Vata , the tonic Kapha , the Zen Nose , the feminine softness : all our oils have a unique signature in terms of texture and smell, thanks to the choice of plants and oils making up the mixture. A drop instantly takes us to the gardens, even in winter!

Krystine St-Laurent

The founder and creator of INSPIRATA

With more than 30 years of experience in multiple fields including the health sector as a nurse, then in the pharmaceutical sector and clinical research, she then sought to expand her horizons and knowledge.

Internationally trained in Ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and meditation, she offers a simple and comprehensive holistic approach that takes into account our daily needs in order to generate – and maintain – a healthy heart-body-mind balance.

Over the years, Krystine St-Laurent has led international training courses in the field of Ayurveda, medicinal plants, aromatherapy and meditation, in order to provide a unique vision on the different areas affecting perfect health.

It is inspired by medicinal plants, essential oils, the history of the first nurses to arrive in North America (Augustines, 1639) as well as the wonderful science of Ayurveda that INSPIRATA seeks to share with you in a concrete way what we can do every day to take care of ourselves and maintain or recreate our health and vitality thanks to nature.


Accredited trainer of Deepak Chopra's Perfect Health – Ayurvedic Lifestyle program at the Chopra Center.


Accredited Master of Wisdom & Meditation trainer with Davidji, international meditation specialist.

Ayurveda specialist

Internationally trained in Ayurveda, herbal medicine and meditation.

Certified Herbalist & Aromatherapist

Specialist in the preparation of Ayurvedic oils, 100% from the Earth.

Collaborations / Appearances

Our Missions & Values

Drawing on the richness and abundance (and fragility) of nature, our mission is to inspire well-being and vitality by helping you reconnect with your true nature & regain their full power over your health, in complete safety. simplicity.

INSPIRATA's vision is to inspire and equip each individual, thanks to the teachings of Ayurveda, to take the time for their own personalized daily ritual in order to reduce their stress, improve their digestion or even soothe their mind.

It is important to us to put in your hands exceptional products allowing you to access and/or maintain a heart/body/mind balance, which is why we have created a unique charter through which our entire team identifies and that we want to share with you.


Our manufacturing process

All our products are created using the same quality charter and are 100% sourced from earth . Cultivated with care, without synthetic agents, our ingredients are carefully chosen to preserve the earth and preserve its resources.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda means “wisdom of life”.

It is the medical branch of yoga, an unconventional medicine originating from India that has existed for thousands of years and which aims to find harmony between body and mind.

Ayurveda is above all:

  • An art of living, an invitation to create space in your life to take care of yourself and know yourself better.
  • An incentive to reconnect with nature and our own nature.
  • An encouragement to adapt our lifestyle according to our unique physical and psychological constitution, influenced by the presence of the five elements and their characteristics.

The word Ayurveda comes from the contraction of two words:

Ayur which means Life and Veda which means Wisdom .

Ayurveda is based on the theory of the 5 elements that surround us on a daily basis since they make up nature, plants, animals and our body.

We are surrounded by the 5 elements (dosha): space, air, earth, water and fire. Nature (animals, plants) and we are made of the same elements.

These 5 elements give rise to the 3 doshas:

Vata , Pitta , and Kapha, 3 great vital forces that create the body, make it function and destroy it.


Air and Space Element


Fire Element


Water and Earth Element

To find out which dosha characterizes you the most, take our online quiz!

Want to learn more?

Listen to our video on Introduction to Ayurveda.

Our range of products from Ayurvedic rituals

Our range of unique Quebec Ayurvedic oils is created with native aromatic plants grown on our lands promoting relaxation, rejuvenation and connection to the present moment.

From our Vata body oil to our Zen nose oil to the present moment mist to the Nature & Ayurveda book, you will find everything you need to take charge of your health naturally. (add the links of all the products – chosen because these are the ones which currently have the most testimonials in the product sheets)

INSPIRATA creates unique recipes that have been designed with passion and great respect for nature, ancestral and contemporary knowledge as well as a concern for individual well-being, in order to link the wisdom of Ayurveda with its in-depth knowledge of plants natives of Quebec.

Created by a unique creative process respecting the rhythm of nature, each bottle contains a mixture of ten vegetable oils infused with our aromatic plants, in different doses, perfectly calibrated according to the needs and characteristics of each dosha.

Verified reviews
I use Vata oil morning and evening and I love it! In the morning, it soothes me a lot and in the evening, it helps me fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.
— Johanne T.
I love everything about this product...both the texture and the smell. I recommend 100%!
— Joanie Lariviere Boisvert
I really like oils. I use them every day. I spray my face with Moment Present floral water and then the smoothing oil. I adore!!
— Johanne
I loved this product! You can feel the quality of the product from the first applications! It's a beautiful blend of several EOs and I was apprehensive about the multitude of EOs, but it's simply wonderful! I highly recommend! 🙂
— Speedwell

Our Blog

Want to know more about Ayurvedic rituals, medicinal plants, essential oils or even the needs of your body according to your dosha?

Discover inspiring tips through our blog articles and video clips to take care of yourself naturally, reconnect with nature and your own nature and find your heart/body/spirit balance.