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is not there by chance

Each of our partners/distributors has been carefully chosen for their heart connection as well as their values, passions and above all, their desire to share the benefits of our plants and Inspirata Nature infused herbal oils.

If you would like to collaborate with us, we suggest you read the information below to discover how Inspirata Nature works in its spirit of co-creation, and to see if it resonates with you and inspires you. We also invite you to review the Selection Criteria section to understand our founder's philosophy and see if it's a perfect match for your business.

Then complete the request form below. We will contact you to answer your questions and discuss a future collaboration!

The story behind the creation of Inspirata Nature oils

No one can improvise as a specialist in a field as complex as health, Ayurveda and the research and development of new products. We can proudly say that no one other than Krystine St-Laurent creates INSPIRATA products. The combination of its experience in health, its knowledge of medicinal plants, oils and essential oils and the various training acquired internationally in recent years with its knowledge of Ayurveda make its products a guarantee of quality and of authenticity.

In addition, the company enjoys notoriety and credibility created over the last nine years by our founder and, since the release of her book Nature & Ayurveda, Krystine has been the guest of several TV/radio shows for discuss health/wellness. The objective is to share the importance of taking charge and looking after yourself on a daily basis.

Inspirata Nature infused herbal oils

Our range of unique Quebec Ayurvedic oils is created with native aromatic plants grown mainly on our lands, which promote relaxation, rejuvenation and connection to the present moment.

The first range of Quebec Ayurvedic infused oils took four years to develop. Because nothing like it existed on the market, the method of extracting the benefits from plants was also created by Krystine through her experience, using a unique method.

All new future products will be created in the same way: with great respect for nature, using plants grown in our gardens, with a concern to create biodiversity in an environment which has been severely tested by the actions of the man for the last 50 years.

Spirit of co-creation Inspirata Nature: no collaborator is there by chance!

Each of our partners/distributors is carefully chosen for the connection of heart as well as for their values, passions and, above all, their desire to share the benefits of our plants and our infused herbal oils.

Our collaboration with our partners is done in a spirit of co-creation: on both sides, spreading the good news, sharing the knowledge put forward by Krystine and remembering that #local and #authentic sourcing is the key to cultivate personal and planetary vitality.

Also, Inspirata Nature is committed to promoting your business in the province and in your region by positioning you as a valuable collaborator on our website and our social networks. In addition, every month, we send a newsletter to our network of several thousand subscribers and introduce a new employee.

Selection criteria

Would you like to collaborate with us and help promote the benefits of nature?

Here are the criteria we look for in our employees:

  • be a company that promotes well-being and health, with values ​​similar to those of our company and its founder;
  • have the desire to share the benefits of our plants, our Ayurvedic oils and other well-being products;
  • have qualified staff trained to answer questions about our oils (first training given by Krystine St Laurent and her team);
  • have a website and/or a Facebook page allowing the sharing of Inspirata Nature publications, blog articles or video clips;
  • offer flexible and easily accessible store hours;
  • ensure ongoing staff training, depending on the arrival of new employees;.
  • be able to hold a minimum of inventory to meet customer needs, therefore hold the majority of our products;
  • be able to sell and move inventory to avoid stagnation (our products have a shelf life of one year, by choice, to avoid the addition of preservative products) - we must ensure rotation and radiation to avoid losses and that it does not become obsolete;
  • commit to co-creation, that is to say use the notoriety/credibility of Inspirata Nature to promote products and well-being rituals; commit to sharing Inspirata Nature publications on social networks (at least once a month).