The month of November is a month that can affect a large majority of us, among other things due to grayness, the change of time and the reduction in light.

It is natural that our morale is affected, particularly in times when our social benchmarks are in upheaval/confinement. However, there are well-being rituals, medicinal plants and little natural tips that can support our energy and help us create our vitality to help us feel less tired on a daily basis. In this video, Krystine demystifies the fatigue felt in the fall and offers us 6 tips to get active and naturally stimulate your energy.

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Upcoming book [2:10]
  • Fatigue present in the fall [4:50]
  • 6 Tips to naturally boost your energy [6:20]
  • Why avoid stagnation (Ama) [15:45]
  • Answers to questions [17:40]

Ritual guide according to the seasons


To remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself in connection with nature, my team and I have prepared a superb Guide to rituals according to the seasons, which you can download for free.