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The Guide to Well-Being Rituals according to the seasons

Discover 6 simple rituals, inspired by the ancestral wisdom of Ayurveda, to soothe and balance your head, heart, body and spirit.

Some rituals that you will discover in your guide:

– A 15-minute morning ritual to gently soothe you

– An unusual nose care ritual to help you breathe better

– An invigorating ritual to activate circulation throughout your body

– A 5-step ritual to facilitate your digestion


”Krystine is a person from whom we want to absorb as much information as possible when she speaks. I discovered a person who calms my daily life, and who leads me to take time to take care of myself.”


“Very pleasant, enriching experience that really makes us want to take care of ourselves.”

Each of our molecules is influenced by temperature, brightness, dryness or humidity of the ambient air, winds and long rains. We also have our internal cycles that govern our natural clock. Ayurveda brilliantly reminds us of the importance of reconnecting with this reality to cultivate an inner state of balance, peace, joy and harmony! Which, moreover (still according to Ayurveda), constitutes in itself deep human nature (balance, peace, joy and harmony).

Each season, certain elements of nature are dominant.

Late autumn - Early winter


Air and Space Elements

Summer - Early autumn


Water and Fire Elements

End of winter - Beginning of spring


Water and Earth Elements

Create a daily ritual adjusted to your body and your reality

Through this ebook, we invite you to take the time to listen to your body, to hear your heart and to consciously choose what is good for you, according to what YOU need.

What if, to be able to preserve your health, cultivate your vitality and your joy of living, the solution was to create a daily ritual adjusted to your body and your reality?

About Krystine St-Laurent?

International speaker, author of two bestsellers on Ayurveda, Krystine St-Laurent has nearly 30 years of experience in different fields affecting health, including nursing and clinical research.

Internationally trained in Ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and meditation, she offers a simple and comprehensive approach that takes into account our daily needs in order to generate and maintain a heart-body-mind balance.

A word from Krystine…

I have the immense privilege of living my life dream every day: reconnecting with the abundance and infinite wisdom that nature carries and sharing all this beautiful vital energy with people who feel the need to remember how much it soothes, heals and nourishes us deeply.

It is inspired by the history of the first nurses to arrive in America (the Augustine sisters, circa 1639), that of Western herbalism, that of vegetable oils and essential oils, as well as the wonderful wisdom that Ayurveda carries. I share with you in a concrete way what we can do on a daily basis to take care of ourselves and consciously return to the center of our balance.

I deeply believe, as Ayurveda teaches, that our body is unique and that it is made to regenerate itself. It was by practicing the Ayurvedic Art of Living on a daily basis that I realized to what extent knowing our deep nature is a must , consciously choosing what deeply nourishes our body, our heart and our mind too!

Imagine a vibrant, living, conscious community, which prioritizes an art of living to cultivate greater health, vitality and joy of living, despite the normal turbulence of life, its cycles and its ups and downs, and this, through all generations, from the youngest to the wise elders!

I wish to accompany you on this path that Ayurveda offers: a gentle return to yourself, to create peace of mind, vitality and joy of living.