Did you know that a massage with a body oil infused with plants helps soothe the imbalance that the change of season makes us feel and soothe our mood in addition to maintaining good energy ?

The change of season is in fact a period when imbalances are easily created and where well-being rituals, including self-massage, are of great importance to calm down. Although we don't tend to think about using an oil in our body care, hydrating with a plant-infused body oil is a simple way to find balance.

In this video, Krystine shows us which Ayurvedic oils to use depending on the season, your needs and the time of day.

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Ayurveda's vision of the change of season [0:50]
  • Hydration as prevention of imbalance [3:03]
  • Oils to use in evening rituals [5:32]
  • The benefits of massaging with oil [8:20]
  • Oils and rituals to soothe eczema [9:51]
  • Oil for muscle pain [11:43]
  • What to apply on a bruise [1:00 p.m.]
  • Soothe psoriasis [16:50]

Ritual guide according to the seasons


To remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself in connection with nature, my team and I have prepared a superb Guide to rituals according to the seasons, which you can download for free.