In this live video, Krystine demystifies the world of plants and their use in infusions and essential oils by answering 10 questions. A great exchange to discover!

  • Welcome remarks [0:00]
  • Introduction [1:57]
  • What plants are interesting to add to our infusions? [5:00]
  • Which plants should be consumed with caution? [14:30]
  • How long should you let the plants infuse? [18:20]
  • What is an essential oil ? [20:00]
  • What essential oils should you use in spring? [22:50]
  • What essential oils should you use as a diffuser? [25:46]
  • What essential oils to use in the bath? [35:35]
  • What is the difference between essential oil and vegetable oil? [36:00]
  • What plants are easiest to grow inside the house? [46:00]
  • When should you pick the plants? [48:00]
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