Should you eat organic? What should you put on your plate for deeply nourishing food? What is a live food? Food raises many questions! In this Health capsule! Life!, Krystine presents us with nutrition as seen through Ayurveda and the conscious choices we can make to cultivate our vitality. Find out what organic food is, how to choose your organic or non-organic foods and what are the properties of the six colored foods to add to your plate.

  • Introduction [0:45]
  • Should you eat organic? [2:07]
  • Making conscious choices [4:37]
  • Stimulate your internal pharmacy with the 6 colors [8:22]
  • Properties of white foods [9:18]
  • Properties of yellow foods [9:46]
  • Properties of orange foods [11:20]
  • Properties of red foods [11:58]
  • Properties of green foods [12:52]
  • Properties of blue foods [13:35]
  • Benefits of cooking with the 6 colors [14:00]

Thanks to our co-host, François Lemay

Created and hosted by Krystine St-Laurent, the television show Santé! The life! helps us discover and simplify in a concrete and sought-after way natural health and a way of life in harmony between head, body, spirit and nature.

Exploring Ayurveda (the medical branch of yoga), aromatic plants, essential oils and everything related to well-being, Health! the life! is a show focused on simple and effective tips for cultivating vital energy.

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