Throughout September and October, we will address themes related to seasonal changes, adapting our daily rituals and how Ayurveda reminds us of the importance of following these cycles and connect us with nature. More than ever we need it, more than ever we are called to connect to the authenticity of what deeply nourishes the heart and soul. During this live, Krystine talks to us about the effect of the end of the pitta season on our senses and offers some ideas to explore in our rituals.
  • 1:25: Introduction
  • 2:25: Book Femininity & Ayurveda in the media
  • 5:00: Goals of the lives
  • 5:37: Reconnecting with our wisdom
  • 8:10: The swirls of emotions
  • 12:52: What Ayurvedic wisdom teaches us
  • 16:13: Solutions for stress, fear, and anxiety
  • 18:46: Ritual during imbalances in Vata season
  • 24:28: Questions / Comments
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Ritual guide according to the seasons


To remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself in connection with nature, my team and I have prepared a superb Guide to rituals according to the seasons, which you can download for free.