Ayurveda and herbalism, two natural ancestral wisdoms practiced for a long time, transmitted from generation to generation which remind us that nature offers us what we need. In this video, Krystine St-Laurent introduces us to infusions, oils and talks to us about the importance of a sleep ritual.
  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Breathing posture, return to base, present moment [3:01]
  • 4X4 breathing technique [5:05]
  • Live radio show with France Gauthier: how to support your immunity optimally, [1:33 p.m.]
  • Question: Is it better to drink hot or cold infusion? [26:12]
  • Question: Which oil to choose to start self-massage – Dosha result? [30:02]
  • Question: Can oils support seasonal allergies? [36:49]
  • Question: How to use smoothing facial oil? [40:10]
  • Presentation of the oils available in the online store [41:02]
  • Ritual for quality sleep [44:24]
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