We all experience stress, especially during times of transition and new things. Ayurveda teaches us that it is possible to maintain perfect health and vitality by soothing the nervous system. This appeasement is achieved through rituals ideally practiced every day, including self-massage (abhyanga). This practice, according to the vision of Ayurveda, stimulates regeneration and the full potential of our internal pharmacy.

Discover how easily self-massage can be practiced on a daily basis and how to choose oils according to the ritual practiced.

  • Welcome remarks [0:00]
  • Introduction [0:35]
  • Transition to Vata Season [2:15]
  • Oils to choose for the scalp [4:29]
  • Children's massage [6:11]
  • Finding balance in times of stress [7:50]
  • Nose hydration [10:07]

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