Ayurveda and herbalism, two ancestral, natural wisdoms, practiced for a long time, transmitted from generation to generation reminding us that nature offers us everything we need to heal, soothe and regenerate.

In this video, Krystine St-Laurent introduces us to the science of herbalism and answers your questions about Ayurveda, plants and upcoming live events/webinars!

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Preparing green juice [2:55]
  • Rhubarb and the presence of bitter tastes in nature [5:34]
  • The Augustines and herbalism [7:57]
  • The science of herbalism [15:00]
  • Question: Why coconut oil in mouth care? [17:35]
  • Question: What plant can replace nettle? [21:18]
  • Question: Which oil to choose to start self-massage? [26:00]
  • Question: Do oils stain? [27:43]
  • Presentation of the workshops [29:29]
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Cultivate to create yourself
a medicinal garden


A way to anchor ourselves to the earth, to nourish life, to nourish our biodiversity. Download our guide to plan your medicinal garden and choose seeds that preserve the genetic heritage of our plants.