Having barely started, summer is already surprising us with its heat. In this video, Krystine St-Laurent explains to us how to cool the fire (pitta), and she answers questions from people in the group. She also tells us about the superb series of 4 workshops/webinars accessible on the web, containing a wealth of training and information for anyone who wants to discover Ayurveda, oils, plants and develop better health/ vitality. Exclusive: We learn a little more about Krystine's next book!

  • Introduction [2:00]
  • Summer is Pitta [4:50]
  • Femininity and Ayurveda [8:00]
  • Book Launch Details [8:20]
  • A look back at the June and upcoming webinars (June 27-28) [12:07]
  • Inflammation, common root of several diseases [14:25]
  • Retirements on the calendar by the end of 2020 [16:14]
  • How to Use Oils to Refresh Pitta [22:13]
  • The benefits of Vata oil [26:29]
  • Q1: Self massage and menstruation (27:15)
  • Q2: Tips for impatient legs (29:47)
  • Q3: How does Ayurveda perceive young intermittent workers?

Soothe with nature & Ayurveda


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