In this capsule, Krystine talks to us about the importance of helping our body eliminate. She also introduces us to the different plants that can help us do this on a daily basis.

  • Introduction [0:40]
  • Explanation of the importance of helping our body eliminate [1:00]
  • The different plants that can help us eliminate [1:20]
  • Plant a garden and include a wealth of vegetables [3:00]

Thanks to our co-host, François Lemay.

Created and hosted by Krystine St-Laurent, the television show Santé! The life! helps us discover and simplify in a concrete and sought-after way natural health and a way of life in harmony between head, body, spirit and nature.

Exploring Ayurveda (the medical branch of yoga), aromatic plants, essential oils and everything related to well-being, Health! the life! is a show focused on simple and effective tips for cultivating vital energy.

Cultivate to create yourself
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A way to anchor ourselves to the earth, to nourish life, to nourish our biodiversity. Download our guide to plan your medicinal garden and choose seeds that preserve the genetic heritage of our plants.