Who doesn't feel tired, stressed, or anxious at one time or another? We are in an era where our minds are hyper-efficient and trained to juggle a multitude of responsibilities and a pace of life that is only accelerating. Meditation is a gift to give ourselves every day to regain control over chaos, reconnect with our deep essence and choose what we want to deploy in our day. Far from being reserved for a spiritual elite, meditation is accessible to everyone, even to those who have busy days! Find out what meditation can do for you and how to meditate on a daily basis.

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Regain control of your mind [1:20]
  • Create a state of receptivity and creativity [3:10]
  • Calming Thoughts Through Meditation [5:00]
  • Tips for Guided Meditation [7:30]
  • Posture for guided meditation [8:30]
  • Chakras and energy circulation [9:15]

Continue by experiencing a guided meditation by Krystine.

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