Ayurveda invites us to observe our body and understand that it is made of the same wisdom as nature. In this capsule, Krystine St-Laurent presents Ayurveda, the five elements of the universe present in our body, the doshas and how to make conscious choices and connect with yourself to stay in balance.

  • Introduction and meaning of the word Ayurveda [00:48]
  • Natural medicine according to Ayurveda [01:50]
  • Five elements of the universe [02:05]
  • Digestive fire, agni [02:18]
  • The five elements in our body [02:45]
  • Physical constitution, the doshas [03:07]
  • Rebalance according to symptoms [05:10]
  • Making conscious choices [06:05]
  • Six tastes of Ayurveda for balanced eating [06:50]

Thanks to our co-host, François Lemay.

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