Too full of emotions? Of stress? Feeling like you're being led by chaos?

Join Krystine in her garden to learn how to make a quick and easy foot soak with fresh plants and other easily accessible ingredients. A great way to calm down and lull the nervous system when stress and anxiety are felt.

Proposed effect: relief of stress, a feeling of peace, and a large dose of happiness in the heart!

  • Introduction [0:49]
  • Ritual to calm down in 5 minutes: summer foot bath [4:45]
  • Functioning of the nervous system [5:50]
  • Equipment and preparation for the foot bath [6:40]
  • Benefits of foot bath [9:52]
  • Foot massage with soothing herbal oils (Vata) [11:20]
  • Questions & Answers on foot baths [13:45]
  • Foot exfoliation with Epsom salt and Vata oil [14:45]
  • Questions & Answers on Perfect Health Webinars [17:20]
  • Rituals to soothe the effects of stress [23:25]

Ritual guide according to the seasons


To remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself in connection with nature, my team and I have prepared a superb Guide to rituals according to the seasons, which you can download for free.