Find out how to prepare an inhalation of essential oils for the lungs; ideal for pneumonia and bronchitis. In this capsule, Krystine also presents different uses of essential oils in the home and essential oils and herbs to add to your bath to relax.

  • Introduction [00:45]
  • Get an inhaler [01:30]
  • How to use the homemade inhaler [02:30]
  • Essential oils to have in your pharmacy [04:00]
  • Essential oil diffuser [05:45]
  • Using essential oils in the home [06:20]
  • Why essential oils have an effect on our body [07:00]
  • How to use essential oils on the body [09:35]
  • Bath with essential oil [10:20]
  • Contraindications of essential oils [11:35]

​ Thanks to our co-host, François Lemay.

The American Holistic Aromatherapy Association has some cautions about using essential oils. In general:

Some essential oils are not suitable for undiluted application to the skin, or may cause irritation or increased sensitivity to the skin if applied without first being properly diluted in a carrier oil. It is not advisable to use essential oils internally without advanced training in aromatherapy and an understanding of the effects that could result. Some essential oils are not suitable for young children, pregnant women and the elderly. It is essential to be well informed. Always get information from qualified people and never use an essential oil blindly.

Ritual guide according to the seasons


To remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself in connection with nature, my team and I have prepared a superb Guide to rituals according to the seasons, which you can download for free.