Synergy of D-Stress essential oils


If Ayurveda had a calm and soothing home, she would put our D-STRESS essential oil synergy in her diffuser

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    • Calm
    • Relax
    • Anchor


    Authentic ingredients

    Eco-responsible sourcing

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    Imagine a blend where Boswellia combines with cardamom and dances with eucalyptus. Add in a pinch of ginger, juniper and lavender, and you have a formula designed for ultimate calming. Each drop is an immersion in a world of balance and tranquility, enriched with ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial potential. It's not just an oil, it's a potion of inner peace, shaped by the wisdom of Ayurveda and medicinal plants.

    10 unique ways to use it:

    • In a diffuser: create a calming atmosphere in your space.
    • On a cloth handkerchief: breathe deeply for an instant relaxation effect.
    • In your bath: add a few drops for a relaxing bath.
    • For massage: dilute with a carrier oil for a soothing massage.
    • In inhalation: place a few drops in hot water and breathe in the vapors.
    • In a spray bottle: create your own soothing room spray.
    • On your wrists: apply a drop for a reminder of calm throughout the day.
    • In meditation: use it to promote concentration and relaxation during meditation.
    • On your pillow: promote peaceful sleep by adding a few drops to your pillow.
    • As a gift: share the emotion and wisdom of Ayurveda with your loved ones.
    • Promotes a feeling of calm and serenity
    • Calms tumultuous emotions
    • Reduces stress and irritability
    • Encourages deep relaxation
    • Supports emotional well-being
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Stimulates concentration and mental clarity
    • Provides a calming sensory experience
    • Start each day with a touch of love and kindness towards yourself, in accordance with the wisdom of Ayurveda