If Ayurveda had a secret to peaceful nights, it would be contained in our INSPIRATA Eye Rest
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Our Ayurvedic Eye Rest is a small pouch made from organic cotton and hemp, filled with barley pearls with a hint of dried lavender, designed to be placed gently on your eyes. Inspired by the ancestral rituals of Ayurveda, this pouch invites you to harmony of body and mind.

3 unique ways to use it:

At all times: gently place the pouch on the eyes for immediate relaxation.

During meditation or relaxation: to deepen inner calm.

In your purse: for discreet emotional support on the go.

  • Soothes stress and anxiety with the sweetness of lavender
  • Soothe tumultuous emotions with an Ayurvedic approach
  • Promotes restful sleep and deep relaxation
  • Discreetly supports stressful moments of the day
  • Relieves and relaxes the eye muscles, ideal for people exposed to screens or suffering
  • eye fatigue.