Ceramic plate & Palo Santo

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If Ayurveda expressed its wishes for a meditative ritual, the ceramic plate + Palo Santo sticks duo would be at the top of the list
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Inclus 2 bâtons de palo santo. Un must pour vos rituels de méditation!


Authentic ingredients

Eco-responsible sourcing

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Create a sanctuary for your mind and senses with Palo Santo sticks, a sacred South American wood known for eliminating negative energies, presented in our ceramic plate that was custom-created to serve as an altar sacred. With its clean design and delicate lines, this plate is an elegant work of art made by a dedicated ceramist from St-Jean-Port-Jolie (Quebec) and will multiply the power that Palo Santo sticks offer us.

5 unique ways to use it:

  • Purification: Use Palo Santo sticks to purify the energy in your space.
  • Spiritual Elevation: Elevate your spiritual experience by integrating Palo Santo into your meditation and well-being rituals.
  • Elevate the Spirit: Let the woodsy aroma of Palo Santo uplift you and improve your state of mind.
  • Inspirational Gift: Give this ceramic plate to a friend or loved one as inspiration for their spiritual journey.
  • Natural decoration: Use them as a natural decorative element for your sacred space.
  • Eliminate negative energies
  • Promotes meditation and relaxation
  • Enriches and deepens rituals
  • Promotes protection and harmonization
  • Promotes rooting thanks to natural raw materials on your altar
  • Adds a touch of elegance to your meditative practice
  • Start each day with a touch of love and kindness towards yourself, in harmony with the wisdom of Ayurveda
  • Natural ceramic plate, out of respect for you and for nature