The current situation that we will call fall 2020 pushes, divides, insecure and takes us out of our comfort zone, and that's an understatement. Whatever our way of reacting, it is surely shared by many at the moment. It can be easy to fall into a state of fear, stress, worry, fatigue and overload our nervous system. In this video, Krystine offers you tips to stimulate your internal pharmacy and natural immunity during this change of season and thus reduce the impact of stress on the heart-body-mind balance!

  • The link between the nervous system and immunity [4:30]
  • Concrete ways to soothe the nervous system [6:45]
  • Rituals to release stress and create ojas (nectar of vitality) [8:10]
  • The role of fear and how to change this state [16:00]
  • Questions & Answers [22:00]

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