In the live rebroadcast that we are sharing with you, Krystine receives an interview with an extraordinary woman who exudes a joy of living and a vitality that makes you dream!
Cold morning shower , invigorating plant-based cuisine , Wim Hof ​​breaths .. She LIVES what she shares!
Come discover all the passion and knowledge that drives Ms. Jocelyna Dubuc, founder and owner of Spa Eastman, to overcome the limiting barriers that can sometimes be found in the field of wellness.

Is she familiar to you? You will be excited to see what nourishes her on a daily basis, always looking for what can do us even more good.

Will this be the first time you see her? It is certain that she will not leave you indifferent with her deep desire to offer a reconnection with nature in an authentic and gastronomic way!

  • 02:20 Introduction
  • 04:15 Presentation of Ms. Dubuc
  • 05:18 Benefits of a cold morning shower
  • 06:54 Journey and research explaining the cold shower
  • 08:53 Food: hot topic that needs to be brought into awareness
  • 11:24 Integration of kneipp baths at Spa Eastman
  • 15:49 The overall experience at Spa Eastman
  • 16:40 Infrared sauna: benefits for the body
  • 18:30 Find what each of us needs,
  • 19:50 The natural pond of Spa Eastman: happy frogs and fish
  • 25:55 Treatments, activities and knowledge behind the Eastman Spa
  • 34:50 Getting to know yourself
  • 38:07 Heartfelt collaboration between INSPIRATA and Spa Eastman
  • 38:57 The magnificent garden of Spa Eastman
  • 40:49 Eastman Spa treatments with INSPIRATA hot oils
  • 52:44 What is tonic cuisine?
  • 1:01:18 Krystine St Laurent's signature Ayurvedic retreat at Spa Eastman
  • 1:05:46 Conclusion

Signature week
Ayurvedic art of living


For an entire week, you will be immersed in the holistic experience that Ayurveda offers and will experience in a concrete way age-old practices adapted to our reality.