Inflammation can take different forms and create different imbalances. Observing is a key of great importance and allows us to correctly interpret the messages that the body sends us. In this Health capsule! Life!, Krystine St-Laurent and her co-host, François Lemay, demystify inflammation.

  • Introduction [0:45]
  • Understanding inflammation [1:04]
  • Signs of imbalance [1:30]
  • The process of inflammation to eliminate toxins [2:20]
  • Natural process of inflammation [3:45]
  • Chronic inflammation [4:55]
  • Identify the cause of inflammation [05:55]
  • Sugar and inflammation [07:07]
  • Devitalized diet [07:50]
  • Lifestyle and inflammation [09:00]

Thanks to our co-host, François Lemay and our guest Imane Lahlou.

Created and hosted by Krystine St-Laurent, the television show Santé! The life! helps us discover and simplify in a concrete and sought-after way natural health and a way of life in harmony between head, body, spirit and nature.

Exploring Ayurveda (the medical branch of yoga), aromatic plants, essential oils and everything related to well-being, Health! the life! is a show focused on simple and effective tips for cultivating vital energy.

Ritual guide according to the seasons


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