Summer! The time of year when nature explodes and offers us a variety of plants and flowers. In this video, Krystine St-Laurent makes us discover the beauty and benefits of the plants and flowers that surround us. She tells us about the wild rose bush and answers your questions. A little bonus! You will be entitled to a short tour of these gardens.

  • Introduction [6:50]
  • Discover the wild rose bush [10:30]
  • Solar herbal tea [13:40]
  • How to use Femininity Oil [15:17]
  • Beneficial essential oils after our sessions under the sun [17:50]
  • Q1: Can Zen Nose be used in the ears [19:35]
  • Essential oils, guidelines for using them [23:51]
  • Bowel regularity [27:01]
  • Edible flowers and plants, Krystine shows us around her garden [33:33]
  • Visualization & How to materialize your dreams (38:28)
  • Group homework (Moodboard, sharing photos of gardens and solar herbal teas) (40:56)

Femininity & Ayurveda book

Combining ancestral know-how, benefits of medicinal plants and essential oils, nourishing recipes, breathing exercises, meditation practice, self-massage techniques and more, this new book presents rituals good for the heart, body and the mind in order to preserve our feminine vitality.